Thoughts while sitting at Breakfast in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I sit down for breakfast after my hour long run through the resort streets of Playa del Carmen.  There are full plates, full drinks, and  beautiful young couples sitting at tables next to me.

The couple to my left are German. I hear them grunt ”schmeckt lecker” (tastes good) after having their first and her last bite of food. She looks down at her phone and texts, laughs, texts, walks away to face time, and then comes back to text some more. Her extremely attractive boyfriend sits there… occasionally asking her about what she’s laughing at. Her responses are short, as if she evidently has better things to do at the moment. Eyes still glued to her phone. He’s clearly annoyed.

I have watched this same occurrence happen every morning now for the past week. Poor guy.

Sure, maybe they have been out of cell service for a couple of days, but this is their first face to face social interaction of the day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve woken up and had that same Breakfast with each other 1000 times or once. You’re on vacation, enjoy the quite delicious breakfasts and talk to your partner. Take that half hour mid day to get caught up on your phone when the timing is right and your not excluding someone from enjoying a fresh Mexican breakfast with you.

I’m not guilt free of this either, but take a moment to people watch and you’ll notice how unattractive this bad habit is. I’ve had my daily connection fix today, putting my phone down and enjoying the night with family and new friends.

Cheers from Playa Del Carmen!


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