Top 10 in and around Munich

Hofbrauhaus        Marienplatz        Dachau

  1. Marienplatz (main square in Munich housing the Rathaus/City hall, and a giant glockenspiel clock. Pedestrian area around with a ton of shops and restaurants).
  2. The Hofbräuhaus am Platzl – A beer hall in Munich, Germany, originally built in 1589.  Try some Bratwurst, or Schweinshaxe.
  3. Watch Bayern Munich play at the Allianz Arena – For an awakening experience ask to stand in the fan section at the end. These tickets are often hard to find because of the fan clubs, but are well well worth the experience.
  4. Bayerische Staatsoper. –  Opera House
  5. Olympiapark – Home of the 1972 Olympics. Go swimming, skating, watch a local soccergame. There are also often small festivals set up in this area).
  6. Gardens (Englisher Garten & Munich Botanical Garden).
  7. Museums (The Pinkathek – art museum, BMW Museum, Deutsches Museum – Science Museum).
  8. Neuschwanstein Castle. Owned by Disney now, but it one of the iconic castles of Bavaria. Really nice and worth seeing if you like castle types of things!
  9. The Dachau Concentration Camp – more of a heavy/emotional visit. If you have never been to a concentration camp before I highly recommend going to visit Dachau. Very interesting and culturally relevant to see! I have seen visitors of all ages here. I actually visited Dachau for the first time on an exchange trip in grade 8, it was an emotional visit but I will always remember it.  It’s on the outskirts of the city approx 40min away.


10. Rothenburg ob der tauber (small town about 2 hour train ride away from Munich. Very beautiful and traditional. Has a beautiful Christmas Market leading up to Christmas).

11. Salzburg (in Austria) is only 2 hours away by train. Beautiful old city, and I highly recommend going into an old salt mine. Check out Bad Dürrnberg.


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