Surviving An All Inclusive.


  workout mojito     fast

You’re week before your all inclusive: Juice, workout, salad, workout, juice, workout, salad, workout.

Your week at the all inclusive: drink, buffet, drink, snack bar, drink, sleep, drink, buffet, drink, snack bar, drink, sleep.

This is sadly the reality for a large number of people heading to all inclusives. They spend weeks prior to obsessing about how they look in the their bikini, or how big their pecs and biceps look next to their friends.  Once finally there, all their “work” flies through the window due to large amounts of free liquor and food.  So you want to know the trick. How to stay healthy, active and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Well, here you go:

  • Bring workout gear and use it! –  Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you need to let yourself go. You will feel mentally and physically energized after you workout.
  • Have a plan – Commit to activities or workouts, and stick with it.
  • Morning 15min Circuit: This website will be your new best friend. Do a quick high intensity interval training circuit every morning.
  • Take part in activities – sure reading a book is nice, but laying down and reading for 8 hours is nearly impossible. Get up and take part in the activities provided by your resort. Go paddle boarding, play beach volleyball, aqua aerobics, or dance lessons. Whatever it is, try it. If you suck at it, you looked silly in front of a couple of people you will never see again… tough.  You will not only be staying active, you’ll have better opportunities to meet awesome people, and you’ll be getting a killer tan while on the beach all day.
  • Watch your alcohol intake – Sure, you paid for it, you might as well enjoy it. But does getting buckled every night, and sleeping in the next day until 1:00pm and spending the rest of your day with a headache sound like a fun time? Didn’t think so.  Enjoy a drink here or there. Choose healthier drink options such as light beer, wine or hard liquor, with a low to no calorie mixer.
  • Stay hydrated – You’ll eat less at meal times, and you need something to sweat out. Try to drink 8 x 8oz glasses a day (or 2Litres). Drinks with alchohol are not included – these actually dehydrate you.
  • Eat healthy – Grab the smaller plates, and fill them with veggies and fruit. Stick to one type of protein per meal. Sure the chicken, and steak, and prawns, and salmon all look great… but stick to one tonight. You can try the others another night.
  • Treat yourself  – In moderation. I have a soft spot for Churros… Nutella filled is even better. It’s OK to treat yourself every once in a while, but try to stick to one cheat day a week.
  • Remember: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.  



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