Thoughts and thanks

Here’s a quick one for the day! I just came back from a great weekend out of the country and had a few things I picked up on and am extremely thankful for:

  • Friends – Surrounded myself with awesome people who kept me smiling all weekend.
  • Good reads – Plane rides are the best places to catch up on some good books!
  • Hot weather – Anything but the snow in Canada.
  • Guitars and the men singing behind them. – does this need an explanation…
  • Cafe Rio
  • Ceiling Fans – despite my mild fear, and their ability to look like they’re about to fall on you, that breeze is oh so nice.
  • All you can eat Sushi – Even though I usually have a smaller appetite, I can put back some serious Sushi.
  • WIFI – life saver when you can find it.
  • Hypnotists – Give them a chance when they stop you on the street… they might actually know a thing.. or two.
  • Brazil Nuts – Apparently these guys are super good for you, who knew!

Thanks to those of you who made my weekend so enjoyable! ❤



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