Budget Travel in Europe – Activities


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Museums, tours, excursions, historical sites, it all gets expensive… BUT there is a ton of different ways to save on activities! Here are some ways to save money and have a great time!

  • Some museums have a certain day or night of the week or month when admission is free. Sometimes this even includes a free tour!
  • There are a ton of free things to do everywhere you go!  You don’t need any money to go for a walk and get lost through the canals of Venice. Don’t like walking? Rent a bike for a day! You’ll randomly run into some of the most beautiful interesting places. *Take a map so you can find your way out again, or be prepared to ask for help. That’s part of the fun though 😉
  • City Pass – Consider getting a city pass that gives you access to transportation within the city and entrance into museums). I would recommend only getting a 1 or 2 day city pass and doing a heavy 2 day museum trek. They are pretty expensive if you only use them for 1 museum a day. If you can get out a visit a bunch of things in one day, you will definitely save some cash doing this route!
  • Look up free city tours in the city you are visiting. In every single major European city, there are people that provide tours by donation. They are awesome and will show you the ins and outs of the city core.  They often have a recommended donation of 5-10 euro, however this is still much cheaper that 20 – 50€ that you would be paying for major tour companies.  They often meet in many areas such as in Berlin they congregate in front of the Brandenburger tor (with a large sign saying free tour). This is also a great way of meeting people from around the world, and meeting someone local. They are often students just looking for a little extra cash.
  • Discount Websites –  For example in London, I always use the Days out guide for 2for1 discounts anywhere I go. For activities, restaurants, transportation, everything! I got to see musical Billy Elliot in London for 20£!!  Check out the site for more info, it’s great! Many cities have very similar discount sights, just Google away.
  • Discount Vacations – If you are already in Europe or the UK, take a look at Holiday Pirates. They have some of the most amazing sales I have ever seen on transportation and accommodations.  They specialize from travel originating in Europe. But if you are already there and want a nice relaxing week in Turkey, or a romantic weekend in Paris. Some of their deals are so so amazing. For example) as I am writing this you can travel from Leeds to Malta and stay for a long 4 day weekend in a 4 star hotel for 83£/per person. You can’t really beat that if you trained/boated/hosteled that trip…. Definitely worth a look!
  • Groupon – Sure you might use them in your home country, but why not using them somewhere else! Just search up the city and Groupon in Google. Most major European cities now offer various Groupons on activities and dining. 
  • Coupon Books – these are often at travel information desks, and in hotels or hostels. Check with the front desk of wherever you are staying and they should be able to help you get your hands on one.
  • Student discounts – bring that student ID card with you! Most major museum or historical site will have student discounts.
  • Get an ISIC Card – this card identifies you as a student, and gives you access to a ton of deals!
  • Do small independent tours of things such as wineries: See pic above – had a great time wine tasting along the Rhine river in Germany!


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