A Reflection of 2014.

This past year has been one of life changing events. Everything from the people I let go of, the people I met, career changes, and most importantly the change in my lifestyle and attitude.

 Here’s all  how it started:

2014 Resolution: Put myself first. I’ve spent a whole lot of time people pleasing. I am an extremely loyal friend, girlfriend, employee and would do everything and anything to ensure those around me are, and stay happy.  After a while I was noticing that although I was trying to keep the people around me happy, I wasn’t.  I was 24 and I wasn’t having fun with my friends, I was stressing about money and relationships and wasn’t living my life to it’s fullest potential. A few things led to this change:

  • I had to say goodbye to one of my biggest role models, My Opa. I realized that life is short, and you need to spend it with people that love you as much as you love them.
  • I had personal relationships that were falling apart.  It was devastatingly heartbreaking but I eventually decided that It was time to be my own hero.  I’m so happy that we are both now in better situations, and I wish him all the best.
  • I had met a group of friends that challenged my way of thinking and encouraged me to make positive life changes.  This became an existential part of who I am today.


IMG_1747  IMG_1750  IMG_1751  IMG_1752   FullSizeRender (1)  DSC00128

I spent the end of 2014 doing the things that I wanted to do: travelling, getting my scuba certification, spending time with friends and family, striking a few fun things off my bucket list, and loving where I was at and who I was with. Just when I thought I ended on a high note… I also met an amazing guy S.Z.  <3. Despite it being a year of heartbreaks, death, and big changes, I am incredibly happy of where I am, who I am, and what I am going to achieve this next year…! 


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