2015 Resolutions


I sat down 5 years ago at a lulu lemon interview and was asked to write out my 5 year plan. As I look at where I am today I realize that so many things have changed in my life. I was a bright eyed young adult in university and had the whole world at my hands. I could accomplish anything that I wanted to… But did I?! I am happy to say I hit the majority of points on that list. Played varsity soccer, got a degree (I now have 2!), traveled Europe with my girl Stella, bought a car. But there were some that didn’t even come into sight for me. Some of those were out of my control, others not.

I’ve realized that in order for my goals in my next 5 year plan to become reality, that I need to make resolutions that slowly gear my daily actions towards those life events. I’ve divided them into 7 sections, and have them written out in my room, office, and journal to keep me motivated on a daily basis.

With a bit of hesitation… here you go!


  • Challenge myself to never stop learning – read books about self improvement, business, the world.
  • Journal everyday – Reflect on my day, good parts, parts that could have been better, why, how can I change these things.
  • Give Gratitude & thanks to those people in my life who support me and make me a better person.


  • Stay active every single day – run, run, run.
  • Run a half marathon summer 2015.
  • Start eating healthier.


  • Meet someone new every week.
  • Continue gaining skills to inspire and energize myself and those around me.
  • Give someone random a complement. Every. Single. Day.


  • Get a permanent teaching certificate and position.
  • Create high energy, fun, and meaningful lessons to impact the lives of my students.
  • Work a second job at least once a week and put that $$$ into savings.

Blonde Beyond

  • Post at least once a week.
  • Network with other blogs, and companies to form partnerships and potential business opportunities.
  • Launch a book (or a few) – stay tuned 🙂


  • Buy a meal for a family in need every month.
  • Take part in a charity run.
  • Head to my first Charity Gala.


  • Travel to at least one new place every 2-3 months.
  • Check off a minimum of 3 travel bucket list stops this year.
  • Begin looking at new investment properties to buy towards the end of this year.

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