Top 10 things to see and do in New York City.

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Here’s a Blonde Beyond approved top 10 list for highlights in NYC!

1.) Empire State Building at dusk
2.) Central Park
3.) Time Square
4.) Statue of Liberty
5.) Broadway (so many great shows! Really can’t go wrong with any of them!)
6.) 5th Avenue for shopping
7.) Rockefeller center (Christmas tree was still up!)
8.) Chelsea high line (stop in to the Chelsea market for lunch. The tacos there are amazing!)
9.) Meatpacking District for amazing eats and beats!
10.) Katz’s Delicatessen (Kosher Sandwiches that are among the best in NYC!)

Now that you have my top 10 list of NYC, here’s some extra tips to keep in mind.

Budget Eats – One night we headed out to Morimottos for sushi. Of course it was amazing, butttt that doesn’t mean you need to spend $150 on a sushi meal. NYC has great eats for any budget! We randomly walked into Eatly and had an amazing prosciutto and Buffalo mozzarella panini. It’s those random finds that are memorable and delicious, and don’t break your budget!

Empire State Building – this one was shared by a friend, and it’s simple. BUY A TICKET IN ADVANCE ONLINE HERE! (
Sure, you could wait 4 hours in line… Orrrrr by the advance no wait tickets (yes it’s a tiny bit more expensive, but is 4 hours in line worth saving an extra $20, I definitely think so). Just tell the doorman that you purchased tickets online and they kept waving you through until you hit a small computer where you can print them out. You then get waived  past every line and it’s definitely worth it!

– Cheap Broadway Tickets – Check out the TKTS booth in TimeSquare, or if you have a longer time in NYC and can chance getting into a show or not, you can try the lottery process.  These tickets are the most heavily discounted, and you can see some amazing shows for great prices. Check out Playbill for more info!

– NYC is huge and there are a ton of areas that are great for their own reasons. Have a few “must see’s” while there, but make sure to take time to explore the city and find your own hidden gems.

Thanks for such an amazing trip S.Z. ❤

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  1. New York is my hometown, and it’s always fun to hear someone else’s impression of the city! While I would have to respectfully disagree with a few of your top ten (and replace them with some great spots in the outer boroughs!), it seems like you’ve got some good tips for folks looking to see classic NYC. I love Katz’s and the High Line and I’m also a sucker for the Rockefeller Center tree. I’ll have to make my own top ten list some time! Hope you come back soon!

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