RIU Santa Fe, Los Cabos, Mexico

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The RIU hotel chain does it right when it comes to an all inclusive experience. The RIU Santa Fe in Los Cabos has stunning ocean and arch views as well as a great beach, beautifully kept grounds, amazing service, and it’s only a short walk down the beach to the main harbour.

Why It’s amazing:

  • Rooms: Rooms are newly renovated with liquor dispensers in every room (vodka, rum, gin and rye as well as a few beers stocked in your fridge). Beds are doubles, however are pushed together to form a large king size bed. *Add in a blanket between the beds, to buffer the break in the beds.
  • Pool & Pool Entertainment: Can’t really get any better than an infinity pool that reaches out towards the arches of Cabo. There are constantly games happening in the pool including tequila volleyball, water polo, aqua-aerobics, cooperative games. Never a dull moment with the entertainment there. They pump music all day at the main pool at a good level. Loud enough to still enjoy it, but you can easily have a conversation with those around. There is a quieter pool in the back of the property if music and activities aren’t your idea of a relaxing vacation.
  • Beach: The beach is nicely kept, and very clean. The beach angles down towards the water, as the waves are pretty big and make their way up the sand.  The waves tend to get smaller as you walk down the beach towards the Marina, so for kids I would recommend moving down the beach a bit before getting into the water. *Los Cabos has quiet an undertow when it comes to the water. Please watch kids carefully as it is very easy to get your feet wiped out from underneath you.
  • Food: In general, Riu’s food is amazing! This property has 4 themed restaurants, and 2 large buffets. The restaurants you need to book in advance usually the day before, however it’s not hard to do this, and there is always room somewhere. They have a set menu where you have your choice of appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, and desserts. The buffet food is great aswell. There is always a large array of food options including themed nights for dinners. Tons of healthy options like freshly squeezed juices, large salad and fruit bar (<- This is where I live in vaca… fresh fruit down here is to die for!).
  • Drinks: I was pleasantly surprised by the drinks at the RIU Santa Fe! For premium liquor always ask as they have it underneath the counter. Feel free to bring your own thermos to have larger and cooler drinks. Drinks were strong, and you could always ask for a double (which was more like a triple) if you needed a little extra kick. It’s hard to find real mint at all inclusives, and the RIU always had fresh mint for mojitos! Ask for a sugarless raspberry mojito at the pool bars… they were easily my favorite drink there.
  • Location: The resort is one of the closest all inclusive to Los Cabos. It’s only a 20 minute walk down the beach to the main marina. I suggest only walking the beach when it’s still light out… was told numerous times that it was dangerous once the sun went down, instead opt for a Taxi back to the resort which should only be $12US.
  • Should you leave tips?! – The answer is always yes! Everyone from the maids ($2/day is average), the servers clearing space for you at the buffet ($2-5/meal for your group), the servers in the restaurants ($5-10), and the bartenders($1/round of drinks, or bring a $5-10 by every once in a while and they will love you!). It always frustrates me to see people who don’t tip at all at these type of resorts. Yes the resort says “tips are included”, but really… you just paid $1000-$2000 to go on vacation for a week, and these people are making roughly $5/day to give you the best vacation possible. In my books, anyone who is busting their buns for me is getting a tip – & you’ll get better service.. always nice to walk up to a packed bar and have the bartender serve you first.


  1. Loved your comments about tipping!!! Stocking up on small bills is always part of my pre-vacation planning ☺️

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