Travelling & Protein on the go


Let’s face it, travelling and dieting is hard. Really hard. We’re not all sponsored, or have the cash flow to buy pre-made meals everywhere we go.  But when trying to get your protein in, the chance of cooking up a chicken breast on the go is nearly impossible. Snacks rich in protein can help curb hunger and ensure you get this essential nutrient into your daily diet. Protein is a slow digesting nutrient that keeps your blood sugar steady allowing you to feel full for a longer period of time.


Here are my top ways to make sure you eat enough protein while travelling!

The No-Brainers
1) Bring protein bars with. Quest bars and Cliff protein bars are simple to throw in ur bag ans eat in a hurry. (Or make them at home!)
2) Bring protein powder with you. Ask around at your favorite supplement store for packs of protein to try! You can also easily scoop your favorite protein (and other supplements if needed), into small plastic zipper bags like Ziplocks. I recommend putting them in a larger bag in case something punctures one of the Bags in your luggage and to keep them together. (I did this in Europe this past summer and it was so handy to have shakes on the go!)

Other high protein ideas
3) Find a grocery store and load up on easy “on the go” high protein snacks like

  • Jerky (low sodium) or Sausage (Turkey or chicken for lower fat contents!)
  • Greek Yogurt (0℅ and plain if you’re trying to keep on diet. Add in a few berries for natural sugars).
  • Cottage cheese (or if your in Europe try Quark! In Asia try Tofu products!)
  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, peanuts are the highest in protein)
  • Cheese (go easy on this though.. high in fat)
  • Pasteurized egg whites
  • Milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Tuna

4) Breakfast Buffets – most buffets offer eggs! Easy way to get a good amount of protein early in the morning. Try to grab soft/hard boiled or poached eggs to avoid extra oil and butter that are traditionally used in scrambled and fried eggs.


If you have any other great ideas, lets hear them!!! Comment below 🙂


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