About Me



Who am I?

My name is Francesca, and this is what I love:

  1. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ___. Local time is ___ and the temperature is ___.”
  2. Being silently drawn into a state of awe.
  3. Meeting positive and stimulating new friends.
  4. Distinctive foods.
  5. Surfing couches.
  6. Dancing in the sun, under the stars, and in the rain.
  7. Gelato & lots of it.
  8. Festivals. (Cultural, Music, Arts – they’re all alluring).
  9. Running. All I need is some music, my Nike/LuLu gear, and I’m a happy soul.
  10. My amazingly supportive family and friends. <33

I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and Western Canada, with the odd jaunt to the United States, and Mexico. I am looking forward to broadening my horizons in the next few years, and hope you’ll be around to hear about them.

Why this blog?

“Hey Frankie!! How are you? I thought of you because we’re going to be in Germany for 6 days this August (flying into Munich), and I was wondering if you have any recommendations of places to see or things to try! I know you’ve been to Germany a bunch of times ( I also recognize it’s a big place and I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Munich and surrounding areas) but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask!” – L.M. June 2014

“Hey Francesca. I’m heading to Berlin while I’m in Europe. Know of any great hostels, or hotels, and what should we see when we’re over there?” – G.V. June 2014

I thought I would take these weekly, sometimes daily, emails that I have received and create a blog that documents my travels.

Where I go, how I get there, where I stay, what I eat, and who I meet.

You’re about to hear all about it.